Test Brotherhood via Paternity

Chromosome Y

DNA test of brotherhood by the Y chromosome allows to perform a study of male people and resolve doubts about their paternal origin.

The study of the Y chromosome allows to perform family lineages tests.

Chromosome X

Through the DNA test of brotherhood we can perform a study of Chromosome X of two sisters and resolve any doubts about their paternal origin. The participation of the mother is necessary for this test.

Maternal Brotherhood Test


To solve doubts among siblings who share a mother, a study of mitochondrial DNA is performed. This analysis allows us to know the maternal origin regardless of the sex of the participants.

Mitochondrial DNA is inherited only from the mother, so all the children of a woman will have the same Mitochondrial DNA regardless of sex. It is the reason why this analysis allows us to know whether or not the participants belong to the same mother.

Individual Genetic Profile

Genetic Footprint

This process is very useful, it is a great tool for human identification.

You can identify people who in case of accident prevent a visual identification. Also in case of adopted children, and aiding the search of lost people, etc.