Maternity Testing

All people acquire from their parents 50% of their genetic material, which makes it possible to accurately determine the offspring of each person.

The Maternity DNA test , allows us to know with total reliability who is the biological mother of the child.

Maternity Genetic Testing

  • It allows to confirm who is the biological mother of an adopted person
  • Helps to resolve situations in which there is suspicion that there has been confusion of babies in Hospital Maternity
  • It can show that the legal mother is not the true biological mother
  • Allows to identify human remains
  • It tests biological kinship in an immigration case
  • Confirms that an embryo obtained by in vitro fertilization was transferred to the correct mother

We use Advanced and New Technology

At Becerra Laboratory we keep abreast of advances in technology to offer the best results and the highest quality. We also have collaborating external laboratories.

We base our work on professionalism and maximum confidentiality for our patients.

We are members of the AEMPJ (Spanish Association of Judicial Permit Mediation). Therefore, we can offer qualified advice on this matter.