Water Analysis

Our laboratory performs different water analyzes and allows us to respond to the needs of our customers by covering the vast majority of physico-chemical and bacteriological determinations required by current legislation for the control of all types of water.


Hoy dia, en muchos hogares disponemos de equipos caseros para el tratamiento del Today, in many homes we have home water treatment equipment such as water softeners or reverse osmosis equipment. It is essential to keep a check on their operation, especially on filters and cartridges, which can become a source of dirt and contamination. In this way instead of improving the quality of our water, we can get to contaminate it, with the consequent risk for our health and that of our family. Our analysis of network water, cisterns, wells, etc., includes physical-chemical and microbiological parameters that allow us to know the quality of the water we use daily.

* Physical-chemical and aerobic analysis according to RD 865/2003

Swimming Pool

Swimming pool water is inevitably subject to pollution and degradation due to the action of the wind, rain, sun and especially of bathers. Therefore it must be subjected to physical-chemical treatments to maintain the adequate quality.

The water in the pools usually causes Chlorine to cause eye and dermal irritations, affect the hair, etc. While you are in the pool, in addition to being in direct contact with the water, you can also ingest it, especially children, so it is important to study the parameters indicators of the physical-chemical and microbiological quality of water and possible contamination . The maintenance and control of these waters is a priority and regulated by law (RD 742/2013).

In our laboratory we took years of follow-up to different communities of owners who entrust us with the quality of the water in their swimming pools.


Legionella is a bacterium that can cause legionellosis, which is a lung disease produced by breathing air with small drops of water containing the bacteria. This bacteria grows in a medium with high humidity and heat, so its control in waters such as Jacuzzis and spas is fundamental and mandatory by law. Our laboratory regularly performs Legionella analysis for various facilities.

* Legionella per cultivation according to ISO 11731: 2007

Well Water

In the case of own supplies (wells, cisterns, springs, etc.), water is not controlled, so it is very important to know the quality of it. There are numerous sources of contamination that can affect water quality, even if they are several kilometers from the catchment (urban or domestic waste from nearby homes, farms, agricultural activities, industries, landfills, gas stations, etc.). Our well water analysis provides information on the physical-chemical quality of the water and the main contamination indicators.

Offer of Services for the Analysis of Waters

We offer:

  • Equipped with the highest technology
  • High qualification and experience of our staff
  • Speed, efficiency and maximum quality assurance
  • Provision of material necessary for the collection of samples
  • Sending reports with the results of the analyzes in electronic format
  • Immediate alert via telephone of non-conforming results