Paternity Testing

A Paternity Test is a genetic test, which is based on the comparison of the DNA material of the father and the child. It allows us to know with confidence if it is the biological father of a person. With a simple sample of saliva, always taken by our professionals, without any pain or discomfort, these tests can be performed.

Everyone inherits half of their genetic material (DNA) from their mother and the other half from their father. Our paternity test includes two analyzable genetic profiles, of the alleged parent and a child, if desired we can add the additional profile of the mother, but it is not necessary.

If a person performs the tests and does not present coincidences with those of the presumed son, it is biologically impossible that there is the possibility of being the father of said person.

Proof of Paternity Legal Validity

  • Sampling of the alleged father and son is done by a professional in our specialized center and in the presence of a witness
  • It is necessary to identify both the father, the child, with ID, if the child is very small and does not have one, a photograph must be provided
  • Francisca Becerra, Judicial Expert in DNA, is an expert and authorized person in this matter
  • This result has legal validity and is valid before any bureaucratic procedure or litigation
  • There is a chain of custody of the sample, always made by a professional, from the moment of the collection to the final result

Proof of Paternity Information

  • No identification of the father or the child is required, if you do not give the full name, and with a code you can identify the sample
  • Items such as pacifiers, kleenex tissues, toothbrushes, etc. can be valid to use.
  • This result is only informative and has no legal validity before a judicial procedure

Advanced Professional Hand Technology

In our laboratory we put at your disposal the most advanced technology in this field. In addition we work with external laboratories that allow us to offer the maximum guarantees of quality.

We offer professional advice under the strictest confidentiality protocols.
We are members of the AEMPJ (Spanish Association of Judicial Permit Mediation). This allows us to offer qualified advice on this matter.